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As a builder, I have now promised to go CC free! I never had that much, but after my colonial columns, I promise to make all my creations 100% CC free. Of course, I will use any  TS3 Store Content that I have downloaded and I will use my expansion pack contents (I will try to limit this). Have no fear though! I will always tell you when I have a completely clean build.

I am not a saint though! As a builder, I have a few handy third-party tricks I use. If you have ever noticed, I upgrade all my objects with a level 10 handiness sim. I have perfect gardens, and lots of collectibles! Now I will share with you how I do it!

My first life saver is Treeag’s Book of Talent to upgrade all my playtesters’ and builders’ skill levels, and Treeag’s Treasure Box to obtain all my collectibles. I also use ChaosMageX’s Chaos Mod, and Dolphin26’s Magic Gardening Gnome. On top of that, to get all my perfect fruits and vegetables, as well as fish, I use Jenesis’ Buyable Fish For World Adventures and Fruit Buying Mods.

For the sheer fun of it, I also have NRaas Story Progression Mod (by Twallan), which, for me, is amazing.

I cannot endorse, or tell you how these mods will react with your game or computer. I have a decent computer, and like I said, I’m pretty much CC free. I also assume no responsibility for any damage they may cause.


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  • 1. Mike  |  March 20, 2011 at 11:46 pm

    Dear Sunny,

    First off I wanted to thank you so much for your “Building A Tomb: Advanced Tutorial” it’s helped me so much and am in the process of making my first and using it all the time. In the section for “Dead Doors” you mention one where only one item may be taken if more then one is, then the door locks behind them. You stated that you linked the door to the 3 treasures using “The Processor” which is taught in the next tutorial which I’m unable to find. Can U please e-mail me a copy of that Tutorial, or with the instructions on how to do this.

    Much Appreciated,
    Mike aka GothicKing
    P.S. My e-mail is…

    • 2. sunsetvalley01  |  March 22, 2011 at 7:44 am

      Unfortunately Mike, I never had enough time to complete the Processor Tutorial. I think I remember seeing a good one somewhere around here. There is a list (my memory is really bad, it’s been such a long time) with all of the good tomb tutorials. Perhaps it is at the simmer’s Society (?) I actually cannot remember how to use the processor right now, it has been a few months since I’ve touched the sims. Try looking around lists of tutorials or ask over at the Simmer’s Society. They are very helpful and some are phenomenally talented builders.

      I hope you find a tutorial, and wish you best of luck. Have an excellent simming time.

      Yours, Sunny


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