Enjoy your Year!

   I posted this a little while ago on my simpage blog and thought that with a little bit of time I’ll post it here.

   Unfortunately, a little bit of the RL has started to get in the way and I’ve become quite at a loss for time so my simming priorities are taking a little bit of a back seat. I’m fine, nothing serious, but I will be taking a break… probably indefinite.

   I’m still lurking around when I get the chance and I miss all of you! I hope you have a wonderful year and give my best to all those who perhaps don’t read this. You’ve all been a wonderful community to be around.

   Lots of love, Sunny

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Baile Nádúrtha

[not available as the Exchange is not co-operating at the moment. Please be patient. I will update this with the Exchange link once it is available]

   The Baile Nádúrtha, the “Natural Home” in Irish, is a fully functioning, eco-friendly home.  Created for Fidlerten’s Modern Dream Challenge, the Baile Nádúrtha was created to infuse the past with the future of our world. Stone walls, reclaimed wood, bamboo flooring and mixed-material facades not only bring the simmer down to Earth but create an environmentally sustainable and sim-friendly home.

  •     Completely CC free [excluding patterns] and checked with the Custard Tool.
  • $202 892
  • Large, fully equipped kitchen with bar and island seating. Includes TV and coffee maker.
  • Formal dining room.
  • Several formal and informal seating areas [plenty of space to entertain].
  • Master bedroom with en suite, walkout porch. Includes seating and working area.
  • Guest bedroom/second bedroom with en suite and seating area, as well as creative nook and connection to second floor porch.
  • Kids bedroom [set for two children] includes two separate work areas and an en suite bathroom.
  • Small second floor laundry machine included [outdoor clothes line for drying].
  • Outdoor entertaining areas [includes pool, poolside dining, barbecue].
  • Richly landscapes, plants were brought inside to maintain the eco-friendly theme. Subdued colours were carried throughout the house except in children’s room where vibrant colours and a youthful motif was used.
  • Outdoor garden; 2 windmills and solar panels to reduce eco-footprint.
  • All objects upgraded by lvl.10 handiness sim.
  • Fully playtested.
  • Please enjoy, and if you have any problems, feel free to contact me on my TS3 thread or leave a comment on my blog.

Visit the album  for pictures individually and here’s the slideshow.

 Store Items Used:

  • Earth Day Set*
  • Ultra Lounge Kitchen +Bath Set**
  • BahHaus Set**
  • Ultra Lounge Youths Set**
  • Ultra Lounge Comfort Set**
  • Banquett Fan*
  • Eco Pack* [no longer available from the store]
  • EV Pack* [no longer available from the store]
  • Riverview and ambitions are required.

 *Indicates a free

** Indicates that the entire set was not used, therefore you will only have to replace certain objects if you do not own it. The entire set is strongly recommended.

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Corrupt Lots

I ran my lots through the custard tool and have found out that the Coffee House contains the doll and some corrupt CC [I have therefore removed it form my page] and the Rookwood house contains invalid photos [?].

Also, for those of you that have downloaded the Tina Jacobson Collection, there is one set of paintings in there that is corrupt due to the mesh I used to create it, so I would recommend uninstalling the file named “Four Tina Jacobson Paintings”. If anyone finds any more problems with my lots, please PM at the Simmer’s Society or Builder’s boulevard, or contact me via comments on this post.

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Tina Jacobson Collection


 Lately, whilst working on my variety of modern lots, I realized I lacked paintings I really liked, especially for the moderns. So I buckled down and creating an astonishing amount, so please welcome the first of many: The Tina Jacobson Collection. I just want to add that if you’d like to view her wonderful art or purchase some real artwork you can go to her website at  http://www.tinajacobson.id.au.

   I don’t know how I first stumbled upon this amazing artist’s work, probably in one of my many House & Home Magazines. She is a phenomenal abstract artist, and I couldn’t think of anyone better to start off my slew of abstract art. I hope you enjoy many of her pieces. Mesh credits go to SimsArtGallery, Desdren and of course, myself!

   All files are in .sims3pack format because, personally, this does not slow down my game and does not create issues with crashing and lagging. I find it more reliable and safer, easier to uninstall if need be and easier to keep track of. I hope you enjoy!

These three are all located in the same file, Small Abstract Art Collection, to reduce file space needed.

Again, these three are all one file, Medium Abstract Art Collection.

These four are also in the same file.


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My lack of uploads!

   I just wanted to let you all know that NO, I have not abandoned my simming creations. I’ve actually created a few homes, and have embarked on a new series of similarly constructed homes, but do to the faultiness of the exchange, I don’t feel they will get what they deserve so I will be abstaining from uploading until the exchange is fixed. Thank you for reading and understanding!

Sincerely, Sunny

May 28, 2010 at 3:09 pm

Rookwood House



    The Rookwood House was built for Fidlerten’s Old Time Victorian Challenge over on the TS3 forums. While maintaining the atmosphere of a classy Victorian, modernized interiors and appliances provide the perfect combination of new and old for your simmy family. Features:

  • Built for family of seven (in-law suite, master bedroom, two bedroom children’s room and nursery).
  • Three bathrooms (fully equipped)
  • Foyer
  • Study/library
  • Entertainment room
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Formal and informal dining rooms
  • All skill books may be found in bookshelves
  • All recipes may be found in bookshelves
  • All objects upgraded by level 10 handiness sim
  • Total cost approx. $125, 779 (it depends upon what lot you place it on).

  As with all my builds, I hope you enjoy and please feel free to leave me a comment here if you like! Enjoy, and remember to recommend.

Sincerely, Sunny


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Store Items:

  • Mel the Monkey
  • Beautiful Forest by Pigula Photography
  • Generation Clock
  • Topper
  • Archibald Door

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Thom Thomson Collection


I am a proud Canadian and an art fanatic, and now that I’ve found the enjoyable activity of creating sims 3 paintings for you, I thought, “Hey! What a great idea! I’ll showcase my favourite Canadian artists.” So, I begin with a collection of six paintings by Group of Seven artist, Thom Thomson. To minimize file size, I’ve made a 5 in 1 painting for you. They are also both .sims3pack files. Enjoy! Leave me a comment too!

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The Coffee House


 Built for the Berry Sweet Town Project “Sugar Valley” and created for the express desires of the Twist Family (originally created by Berrypie27 and recreated with permission). This modern home includes:

  • 3 bedrooms (furnished lavishly)
  • 3 bathrooms (all plumbing upgraded)
  • Study
  • Entertainment room (with dance floor and bar)
  • Lounge
  • Workout room
  • Library (includes all skill books)
  • Several exquisite portraits of the inhabitants
  • Set of large, cut smoky quartzes dispersed throughout the house
  • Twister, the Blowfish
  • Sunny, the Goldfish
  • All upgradeable objects have been upgraded by a level 10 handiness sim
  • Ingredients for all popular recipes included
  • Household has the “No Bills Ever” addition, so no need to worry about that fright
  • NO CC/No EP or SP required either! Only base game needed

 The lot is to be placed at 260 Sunnyside Boulevard.


The Twist Family- Remade


             Originally created by Berrypie27 for the Berry Sweet Town Project “Sugar Valley” and recreated with permission of the original creator by me (SunsetValley01) with no custom content. It includes Mocha, Cino and Espresso Twist; three siblings who have embarked on their journey in Sugar Valley, but will they intrude on each other’s personal lives, and stop any budding romance?

~Download the Original Version~

~Berry Sweet Town Project Planning Thread~

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Suburban Living $42k

Download Lot

• Kitchen
• Dining Room
• Living Room with fireplace and plasma screen t.v.
• Study
• Hobby room
• 2 bathrooms
• Supports a family of five (including nursery)
• Home grown garden
• Natural Spawners
• ONLY $42K!
• No WA required
• CC patterns are transferable!/No CC objects
• Calm and elegant interiors

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Winter Designer Showdown

Download Lot

I am really proud of what was supposed to be my BnS Winter Designer Showdown entry  (unfortunately, I had computer problems and couldn’t get it to upload). I used a mulberry and dark green colour scheme throughout the house, trying to keep a classic and comfortable feel. It has some great surprised for you, and no expense spared. In total, the house costs around $92k. I’ll outline the facts for you:
• 20 x 30 lot size
• $91, 639
• Study on the first floor with laptop
• Hobby room on the second floor
• 2 bathrooms (only one equipped with shower and bathtub)
• Master bedroom (includes laptop, big decorative moodlet boost)
• TV Room
• Living Room
• Fully equipped kitchen (includes plasma screen TV.)
• Kids room (supports 2 kids, contains desk for homework)
• Outdoor entertainment area
• No CC (only transferable patterns)
• 5 Life Fruits in the refrigerator
• Several Large, Expensive Cut Rubies around the house (good price for them too!)
• All upgradeable items were upgraded by a level 10 handiness sim (my wonderful simself!)
• Good for a budgeting family of 5, really nice, and not too expensive.

Hopefully you like it. The lot has been play tested by more than one sim (once by my simself, once by a family of 5 (two parents, baby and two children) and once by a couple with a baby).

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